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how to dose Liquidthy - Cytomel T3

Liquidthy (30ML per Bottle) *IET* Liothyronine Sodium (T3) - 120mcg/ml (1 bottle equivalent to 180 tabs)- 

eye dropper form 
each drop is 2.14mcg of t-3 

12.5mcg for 5-7 days...(6 drops)
37.5mcg for 5 days.....(18 drops)
75mcg for 15 days......(35 drops)
50mcg for 5 days.......(23 drops)
37.5mcg for 5 days.....(35 drops)
25mcg for 5 day........(11 drops)
12.5 mcg for 5 days....(6 drops)
6.25mcg for 5-7 days...(3 drops)

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