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Making Test Enanthate from 'Powder'

I�m mixing up a batch of garden-variety test-e 250. I have 10 grams of powder so I�ll need to the final volume to be 10,000 mg / 250 mg/ml = 40 ml. Then I check the math: 250 mg/ml of test * 40 ml = 10,000 mg. of test, which is 10 grams. (Note 1)
Preheat the oven to 175 F. (Note 2)
Now, locate a suitable bottle  and make a �bottle ruler�. (Note 3)

Scrape the �powder� into the vial.  Test enanthate looks like a liquid at room temp

Put a couple of ml of oil in the container and pop it in the oven. When it�s melted, pour it in the vial. Repeat 1 time.
Add 0.4 ml of BA to the vial. (Note 4)
Add some oil. Pop it in the oven and let it melt.

Fill it the rest of the way to 40 ml.

Warm it in the oven Mix it up (shake gently).

Extract 20 ml and filter into new sterile vial while it�s still warm. (Note 5) Filter the remaining 20 ml into another vial.

Pop the vials into the oven. Increase the heat to 250. Bake for 45 min. (Note 6)


- notacow

Basskiller has made me paranoid. When I start using either of these I�ll probably add another 0.4 ml of BA to each bottle to bring the BA to 3%. On the other hand, if I mix it with some fina or something then I won�t need to. You can always add more BA later (but you can never add less).

Note 1: Master this math. Learn it, know it, love it. There will be a tests, at random intervals, for the rest of your life. When you move on to HGH101, mistakes will be counted against your grade, and your wallet. If you ever take SLIN101, mistakes will be counted against your grade, and your life.

Note 2: 175 F is a good temp for warming things up. It is enough to boil methyl alcohol used to clean glassware but won�t burn your hands too much. You should always have an oven thermometer to be sure you�re getting the right temp. These are less that $5 at the supermarket.

Note 3: If this is the last time you do anything like this, you don�t need a bottle ruler. But, trust me, you�ll be doing this again. So, cut a piece of paper. Add 10 ml of water to the bottle. Mark the paper. Repeat. Wash the bottle with methyl alcohol and dry in oven at 175 F.

Note 4: BA is benzyl alcohol. Now, 0.4 ml will make 1% BA which is just about the bare minimum for BA. Actually, if we were sealing this into single use glass amps and then autoclaving them then we could use 0% BA. As soon as you dip into the multiuse vials we�re making you run the risk of making it dirty and you�ll wish you had more BA.

Note 5: The use of a monster syringe, in the picture, is optional. It�s easier to filter with a smaller tube, but I�m lazy. Also note the small 25g 1� pin used to vent the bottle while filtering.

Note 6: The recommended sterilization at a hospital is 15 min at 250 F (in an autoclave). I allow 30 min for the bottle to warm up and 15 min for the actual sterilization. Someday I�ll accurately measure the time it takes for various size vials to heat up.

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